I’m Michael D. Dwyer, currently an Assistant Professor of Media and Communication at Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania. At Arcadia I teach courses in media studies, Hollywood film, cultural studies, writing for new media, and popular culture. My research is primarily focused on the function of fifties nostalgia in the films and popular culture of the Reagan Era, currently organized in a manuscript called Back to the Fifties. I received my PhD from Syracuse University in 2010, specializing in film studies, American literature, and critical theory.


I have also published and presented work the collaboration between riot grrrl icon Kathleen Hanna and video artist Sadie Benning in the group Le Tigre, the DIY aesthetics of post-Seattle political demonstrations, the status of fandom in contemporary media studies, and cultural geography in the films of Alfred Hitchcock.

Outside the classroom, I enjoy soccer (as a spectator and participant), DIY/underground music, theater and performance, bicycling, pub trivia, YouTube, and bad karaoke. I am also one of the founders of RustBeltRising.com, a website for music and event listings in Rust Belt cities.


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